We offer a large variety of services, from convenient drop off location, to pick ups in ongoing servicing of your home or business, we also offer training for underprivileged and homeless people as well as help sponsor environmental he friendly events and other nonprofits


Product / Service #2

You can drop off your old computers at our Mary st location at our drop box. Please call ahead for larger donation ...Drop off

We also offer pick up service for a fee starting at $75. Pick up can be schedules here





Product / Service #3

We also do one time and regular scudualed pickups.

We will supply  a e-waste bin for your fussiness or condo


Talk more about your products here.

we also help support people in need such as recovering drug user, people who are staying shelters, and homeless. we off support, prt time jobs as well as skill bring to help them get back on their feet

Resuse is. Recycling

Reuse: one of our goals is to reuses sometimes your items will be refurbished repairs, sold or donated. We always like to be Transparent, so if you have and issue with your old eltronics being reused please let us know. we can also securely destroyed


Next Steps...

If you have any old computers or waste laying around and need proper disposal or recycled

set up a pick up, or drop it off at our location