Hawai’i VibeTribe is a 501C3 educational organization founded on 12/12/2012. We provide a welcoming gathering space where guest presenters facilitate workshops, classes, films & support groups offering innovative, wholistic healing methods, wellness practices, creative expression, compassionate communication skills, and other gifts of the heart. We offer practical support for young and old to follow their hearts in pursuing and sharing their purpose & passion with all, and we are proud sponsors of the OHM Expo and the VibeTribe Community Sanctuary. We nurture connection, community, and creativity for the well-being of all, in service to our islands of Hawai’i & the evolution of consciousness on Planet Earth. 
Spirit of Aloha Hawaii Weddings
Rev. Ka’imi Nicholson 808-372-2082
It is my joy to serve
He punawai kahe wale ke aloha
Love is a spring that flows boundlessly