Our ultimate goal is to reuse, repurpose, re distribute through donation, and only when we have accomplished that, to recycle.

Around 60-80% of all items that come in are completely reusable.

Some of the items that are donated or given to us will be re-purposed, unless they have been specifically requested to be destroyed. If this is the case we will destroy and recycle them. But first and foremost we make every attempt to re-purpose items. Repurposing or reusing includes the whole item or the portions/parts that are reusable.

If you’re worried about your data, we can guarantee that it will be securely destroyed beyond any possibility of reclamation.
Please note that there is a small fee for our data destruction service.
Protocol for all hard drives or phones before being reused, repurposed or donated is the purging of all existing data, including, but not limited to: apps, programs, email, OS and any other existing personal information.